Health center in Barbastro

  • Client: Servicio Aragones de Salud. Concurso
  • Place: Barbastro, Huesca
  • Year: 2019
  • URL: Open project url

The new building moves towards the interior of the plot following the direction of the implantation of the existing building, freeing itself from the urban fabric of the expansion to orient itself looking towards the South following the solar trajectory and the riverbed, searching for the original geographical traces of the place. and the characteristics of the dynamic territory.

The facades perpendicular to the axis of the street, in the section that runs parallel to the riverbed, exposed to the midday sun, capture its radiation through large glass panels that regulate it by means of a solar control system of aluminum slats. orientable.

The facades parallel to the axis of the street, open the volumes that emerge in a cantilever floating above it, wanting to get closer to the river to capture the air breeze that accompanies it and channel it between its adjustable vertical slats towards the interior of each of the new modules, generating a convective loop of cross ventilation that together with the landscaped interior patios arranged between them, create their own microclimate within the bioclimatic enclosure.

A system of ventilated facades is used to cover the existing building, using white lacquered aluminum as a double outer skin, optimizing its hermeticity, improving its thermal and acoustic insulation and its integration with the new extension modules, unifying its vision and internal understanding of the building.

The plinth that formalizes the gray concrete wall channeling the river, contrasts with the pure and clean white of the prisms that house the different modules of the building, its new urban, unitary, strong and clear image, which is perceived by the user during the approach sequence, when he reaches the bridge that he crosses to enter the enclosure.